BOREHEAD® Parts and Accessories

BOREHEAD® Parts and Accessories

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BOREHEAD® Parts and Accessories

From shackles to replacement hardware, we have you covered!

Are you committed to the strongest pull every time? Then, Crosby quenched and tempered shackles are the choice for you! Made in the USA, these shackles have the highest design safety factor in the industry at 5.4:1. Crosby’s quench and temper process provides the tensile strength, ductility, impact and fatigue properties that are essential in performing time after time in adverse conditions. Crosby Shackles are available in the following sizes:

Part # Size Working Load Limit
1 ½” 1 ¾” 2”
30 Ton 40 Ton 55 Ton

Lost a nut or bolt? No problem. We offer replacement hardware kits for all BOREHEAD® pull heads.

  • BOREHEAD® 6” Kit
  • BOREHEAD® 8” Kit
  • BOREHEAD® 10” Kit
  • BOREHEAD® 12” Kit

Contact our sales department at for pricing and availability.