BOREHEAD® Pull Heads

BOREHEAD® Pull Heads

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BOREHEAD® Pull Heads

BOREHEAD® Pull Heads are revolutionizing the installation of underground PE pipe. The BOREHEAD’s patented design allows you to fuse the MJ adaptor above ground during the pipe fusion process. Simply bolt the BOREHEAD’s two piece design around the already fused BOREHEAD® brand MJ adaptor and pull the pipe into place for easy installation. No more lowering a fusion machine into the trench and placing technicians in danger zones. Speed and safety have never been easier to achieve than with the BOREHEAD®!

BOREHEAD® is engineered to never fail and tested tough! “Our patented robust BORHEAD® design is engineered with a 3:1 safety factor ensuring that you can pull to the pipe manufacturer’s limits with full confidence knowing that the BOREHEAD® brand MJ adaptor will remain undamaged and the BOREHEAD® pull head will never fail pull after pull.

The BOREHEAD® is currently available in four sizes:

6” Diameter
8” Diameter
10” Diameter
12” Diameter

Each BOREHEAD® size works with both IPS and DIPS BOREHEAD® brand MJ adaptors.

Additional BOREHEAD® sizes are currently under development.

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